An interesting piece in the FT, looking at the rise of artificial intelligence in recruiting.  The author discusses how lower level recruiting is going to be increasingly automated - from the automated scraping of sites like LinkedIn, to using bots to handle the initial interview.

The article goes on to say that senior level recruitment is likely to be relatively unchanged by the rise of this tech, arguing that "even the most tech-friendly recruiter admits that a senior level candidate would probably not take kindly to having their credentials questioned by a bot".  Hard to disagree with that.  However, I'm struggling to agree with the assumption underpinning the next line:  "That is one area where the old-fashioned approach, in which a recruiter's main assets are their Rolodex and their personal relationships, will not be threatened by AI anytime soon".

The assumption that executive recruiters simply dip into a Rolodex may have been true 20 years ago - it certainly is not now.  Today, recruiters are under intense pressure to find the best executives for a specific role, where ever he or she may be.  They don't make a Rolodex that large.