Most Search firms are privately held businesses and so it's tough to judge the value of the firm (although it is a topic that we'll be addressing at the World Executive Search Congress later this year). In the wider world, however, there is a demonstrable causal link between a data breach and a fall in Market Cap. According to this article, the average fall is 1.8% but this is up to 15% in certain cases. It's widely agreed that GDPR will see larger fines, more publicity and - presumably - more damage to share holders.

At Dillistone, we are taking GDPR very seriously. In addition to our own internal efforts at achieving compliance, we are working to ensure we do our bit to help our clients. To that end, we are running a second round of webinars explaining to people in Executive Search what they need to be doing. Our first webinars were about scene setting - we are now moving on to action plans. Join us for FREE by registering here: