The Privacy Shield framework has been in the news again recently, with a piece in the Wall St Journal saying that the deal is likely to remain intact under the new US administration.  Regular readers of my blogs will know that Privacy Shield is the successor regulation to Safe Harbor, and is an agreement between the US Department of Commerce, the EU and Switzerland relating to data protection.

Earlier this year, Dillistone Systems became the first executive search supplier to be accredited under the privacy shield and - as of this weekend - I'm amazed to see that while 1,893 firms are now listed - including several recruitment software suppliers and Microsoft (owners of LinkedIn) - so far as I can see, no other Executive Search technology supplier is accredited.

Given how many search firms transfer data between the two continents, I find this staggering.

Over the next year, data privacy is going to become ever more of an issue as a result of the new GDPR accreditation.  I'm delighted that our firm is still so far ahead of our competitors.