Today, Alex James and I hosted a webinar on the topic of GDPR and Executive Search.  It was the fourth session we've run on this topic  over the last couple of weeks (we'd originally only expected to do one but kept getting follow up requests!).  

At the end of the session we asked attendees (representing search firms in both Europe and the Americas, along with a number of Corporate recruiters) how impactful they felt the new rules would be.  The result?  96% felt of those surveyed during the webinar said that the laws would be impactful.  The remainder were unsure.

If you are in executive search and haven't yet started to think about GDPR, you really should.  A good place to start would be by listening to our webinar which is now available on demand here.  You could also do worse than join our LinkedIn Group on GDPR and Executive Search - here - which we will use to provide further updates as the GDPR enforcement date approaches.