Damhurst & Co. is a retained executive search company established in 2016, focusing on mid-senior appointments in the insurance and reinsurance sector. 

After using a competitive product for years at his previous firm, company director James Cooper reviewed other executive search software options, and decided that FileFinder Anywhere was the solution best meeting his requirements. 

Six months after going live, James shares what affected his decision and his initial impressions as a FileFinder user.

Dillistone Systems: Why did you decide to invest in specialised executive search software?

James Cooper: I believe that executive search and recruitment are very different, therefore they have different requirements when it comes to technology. As a research-driven business, data is paramount for us – so we needed to find the best system, tools and people to help us collect and use data for our search assignments. After reviewing the market, FileFinder Anywhere and the Dillistone team seemed to tick all the boxes!

DS: How was the implementation process?

JC: Implementing FileFinder Anywhere was a very easy and enjoyable process, mostly because of the people we have had to deal with at Dillistone Systems – in particular, I want to thank your projects and training teams for their efforts, and for being very helpful during the whole transition period.

DS: Six months in, what are your impressions of FileFinder Anywhere

JC: FileFinder Anywhere is a sophisticated piece of software. Previously, I used a well-known competitive product, and enjoyed using it very much – however, now that I am using FileFinder Anywhere, I would not swap back for love or money! You have to invest some time in learning how to use the product but it is all worthwhile in the end – and again, the training team is there to help and they are doing a superb job.

DS: How do you rate our support service?

JC: The technical support service is anything but formulaic. The support team really does listen to you, they take time to understand what the issue is, and after a couple of conversations, we have been able to match our processes to FileFinder. I can now run reports showing the entire scope of my projects, which is very helpful.

DS: Was your decision to invest in FileFinder Anywhere the right one for your business?

JC: 100% yes! It has definitely impacted our productivity and our ability to serve our clients better.

DS: Would you recommend FileFinder Anywhere to other executive search firms?

JC: Yes, I would... but only if they are not operating in our sector!

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