A few days ago I wrote a blog entitled - "More CEOs recruited from within - the latest challenge for Search firms?".  It looked at research by Spencer Stuart suggesting that more and more boards are recruiting CEOs from within.  It was a widely shared post, at least by my standards (let's be honest, I'm not Piers Morgan), but I thought I should take the opportunity to share a follow up piece discussing how Search firms can provide a service facilitating succession planning.

This article in Workforce Magazine talks about succession planning for roles beyond the C-Suite and puts forward the view that it needs a structured approach led by the CHRO. Part of that model, according to Joe Bosch of Allegis Partners, should be a review of external candidates.

At Dillistone Systems, the majority of our clients are retained search firms - most of who will focus on delivering talent to meet a specific need when it arises.  However, we are increasingly working with in-house executive search teams who tend to take far more of a "pipeline planning" approach;  and I suspect increasing numbers of search firms will be offering this service in the years to come.  It requires many of the same competencies- but potentially allows for a deeper, less transactional relationship between search firm and client and - maybe - even allows for a new subscription model - ESaaS - Executive Search as a Service?